The MOvIT+ Program includes numerous benefits for assistive technology users and their caregivers.

The program will enable you to:

  • Identify problems you could have with your new assistive technology
  • Learn the best practices about the use of your assistive technology
  • Access all the information you and your caregiver may need in one place
  • The program is currently in its pilot phase and therefore only allows assistive technology users and their caregivers associated with the clinical teams of the CIUSSS du Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, the CIUSSS du Centre-Ouest-de-l’Île-de-Montréal and the CISSS de Laval to become registered users of the MOvIT+ Program.
  • If you are followed by one of these facilities, you will get information about the MOvIT+ Program when you receive a new assistive technology. You will be asked to complete a registration form and to choose the person who will be receiveing the /follow-up questionnaires – yourself, a caregiver or both of you.
  • The MOvIT+ Team has generated a list of various resources to facilitate the use of mobility assistive technologies. Some of these resources are available in the “Mobility Aids” section of this website
  • You can freely access them, whenever you want.

Thanks to an automated system, the MOvIT+ Program contacts registered assistive technology users and/or their caregivers to ensure remote follow-up of their use and satisfaction after having received the new assistive technology.

The automated follow-up works in the following way:

  1. The MOvIT+ automated system contacts you twice, i.e. one month and three months after you receive your new assistive technology, by e-mailtext message or phone.
  2. You will be invited to answer short follow-up questionnaires using a computer, a tablet or a phone.
  3. The answers you will provide in these follow-up questionnaires will help identify the problems associated with the use of the assistive technology and to know your level of satisfaction with the assistive technology.
  4. MOvIT+ sends you a list of resources associated with the problems identified in the follow-up questionnaires.
  5. You have access to practical exercises and advice on how to adequately use the assistive technology – available on the MOvIT+TM website as soon as you register with the program.
  6. You may receive additional advice from your rehabilitation centre clinician who is responsible for your file and follow up.

More than 1.1 million adult Canadians use assistive technologies to help them perform their daily activities.

It is estimated that up to 75% of these aids are no longer used by the users for whom they have been prescribed. Indeed, numerous studies have shown that more than half of the users are likely to stop using their assistive technology within a year of having received it. Fears and technical problems associated with its use are amongst the most common reasons given to explain this.

The assistive technology granting process presently includes two major steps:

  1. Initial selection of the assistive technology, including obtaining a medical prescription and the clinical assessment of the user’s needs.
  2. Follow-up after assistive technology delivery, including the support, training and coaching of the user and his/her relatives.

As part of this second step, few resources are available to support the adoption of assistive technologies. The MOvIT+™ Program provides a solution to these issues by offering an automated follow-up service and online resources.

  • The MOvIT+™ Program contacts the assistive technology user and/or the caregiver by e-mail or phone. This communication is done one month and three months after having received a new assistive technology, and includes a follow-up questionnaire.
  • Technical aid users and/or their caregivers answer short follow-up questionnaires using a computer, a tablet or a phone.
  • Depending on the answers provided, MOvIT+™ sends advice and coaching to the assistive technology users and/or their caregivers.
  • Based on the identified needs, a clinician from the relevant facility may be asked to follow up with the assistive technology users and/or their caregivers.
  • Validated clinical resources such as educational videos, technical sheets or websites, are also available online as part of the program (see the “Mobility Aids” section).

Generally speaking, the MOvIT+™ Program aims to :

  • Foster safe and satisfactory use of assistive technologies
  • Provide access to various resources and guides associated with the use of assistive technologies
  • Identify problems associated with the use of assistive technologies or prevent problems from getting worse over time
  • Validate clinical goals’ achievement as required by professional licensing bodies
  • Evaluate users’ satisfaction with their assistive technology
  • Optimize the assistive technology granting process by facilitating follow up with assistive technology users and their caregivers and providing learning tools
  • If your facility is not yet participating in the MOvIT+™ Program and you would wish to have access to the resources available to clinicians, you may send a request to the MOvIT+™ team by completing this form.